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Template for Storytelling


Storytelling is a compelling and effective way to engage employees. The attached template published by the American Society for Training & Development can help you identify, create and track your organization’s stories. Once you uncover and document key stories, you can use them to support your communication strategy.

Storytelling Job Aid


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5 thoughts on “Template for Storytelling

  1. Hi Peggy. I’m a real advocate of storytelling as a strategy not only in employee engagement and performance improvement, but in channel, sales and customer engagement. Think this simple storytelling job aid could be a very effective tool to “institutionalizing” stories. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Ric,
      Thank you for your feedback, connecting with me on LinkedIn and reblogging my post on your website. I really appreciate that! I’m following your website too.


      Peggy Bieniek, ABC

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