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Reflecting on the Right Questions for Your Readership Surveys

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Photo: Paul (Dex) Bica,  Toronto, Canada

Photo: Lake Reflections, Paul (Dex) Bica, Toronto, Canada

As 2013 comes to a close, it may be time to conduct a readership survey on your organization’s publications. Employee communication expert Steve Crescenzo, of Crescenzo Communications,, says that when it comes to readership surveys “it’s not about readership numbers; it’s about outcomes.”

In the attached article from IABC’s Communication World, Steve shares his recommendations for questions to include in your readership survey that will show the value of your publications to the organization. Steve Crescenzo_IABC CW_Readership Surveys

What questions do you include in your readership surveys?


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One thought on “Reflecting on the Right Questions for Your Readership Surveys

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