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Leaders: Your Future Success Depends on This

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Collaboration is one of those “sink or swim” things when it comes to organizational success.

Leaders who encourage collaboration within their organizations succeed. Those who don’t…won’t.

According to Heidi K. Gardner in “When Senior Managers Won’t Collaborate,” “leaders who want to build a culture of collaboration should begin with themselves, modeling the right behavior by contributing to others’ client work and sharing credit with those who participate in their own.”

In “Smart Leaders Know When Their Culture Sucks,” Jan Johnston Osburn says that “leaders who fail to ask if their organization has the right culture is failing in keeping their organizations fresh and innovative.”

Are you a champion for collaboration in your organization? Check out “8 Tips for Collaborative Leadership” by Carol Kinsey Gorman to find out how to foster this “essential ingredient for organizational survival and success.”

After all, YOUR success depends on it.


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