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Need Help on the Road to a Digital Workplace?


“Chicago Roads” photo by Dasha

We could all use some help every once in a while, especially when we need to change, but change isn’t easy.

If your organization needs to change the way it works and how it engages with employees, then “Getting from Intranet to Digital Workplace” by Stacy L. Wilson, ABC can help you get started with three simple approaches.

Stacy is president of Eloquor Consulting, Inc. and has more than 27 years of experience in internal communication and organizational development.

She is also the conference chairperson of this month’s 2014 Intranet & Digital Workplace Summit. During her session, “Roadmap to a Digital Workplace: Paving the Way to a New Way to Work,” Stacy will show you how to help your organization on its journey to a digital workplace, including:

  • How to identify ROI and business needs
  • Technical assessments that support digital workplace planning
  • Developing governance for the long haul
  • The pros and cons of different launch approaches
  • Planning for adoption, communication and training

How are you helping your organization on its journey to a digital workplace?