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Every Great Intranet Reveals a Great Story

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In January and February’s posts, I shared ideas on how to incorporate strategic storytelling into your overall communication programs. I also provided you with a template to help you get started in identifying your organization’s great stories.

This month, I will share ideas on incorporating storytelling into your internal (employee) communication programs.

Let’s begin by focusing on your organization’s intranet. Use “9 Types of Content Every Intranet Should Have” by Andrew Wright, posted on, as your checklist to build or improve upon your organization’s intranet.

A highly effective intranet makes it easier for employees to do their jobs, which means increased productivity, collaboration, engagement, and profitability for your organization.

Need some inspiration on why and how to tell great stories? Read “Three Tips to Telling a Persuasive Story” by ePals CEO Katya Andresen, posted on

What features of your organization’s intranet do your employees find relevant and use the most? How does your organization’s intranet incorporate storytelling?



What’s Missing from Your Corporate Videos?

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Following up on last week’s post, How to Create Your New Slant on Corporate Videos, here is another example of a powerfully compelling video containing the one important element missing from many corporate videos: empathy.

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care by Cleveland Clinic

You can also find The Cleveland Clinic video and an article about creating more empathy through video at

As you can see, making a difference in people’s lives builds trust and credibility and of course, creates a better world for all of us! Want to learn how? Check out In Video, Connecting is King, from, for some advice on how to get started.

How are you developing more empathy in your professional and personal lives?