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A New Twist on Storytelling – The Cleveland Clinic Empathy Series Continues

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To follow-up on my post “What’s Missing from Your Corporate Videos,” here is the next video in the Cleveland Clinic empathy series. “You’ll be moved by these life-changing stories, and astonished when you learn what these patients have in common.”

Cleveland Clinic’s Empathy Series Continues – Patients: Afraid and Vulnerable

As a guest blogger for this year’s Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit (TCEL), April 9-11 in Miami, Florida, I’d like to make you aware of two sessions where you’ll “discover the emotional drivers that are critical in creating an effective customer story and how to factor empathy into the bigger equation to get a return on customer relationships:”

  • “Bringing Empathy into Your Organization,” Crystal Collier, CEO, Tarp Woldwide and Dan Hill, President, Sensory Logic
  • “Empathetic Marketing for Total Customer Experience,” Mark Ingwer, Ph.D., Founder, Insight Consulting Group
This year’s Summit focuses on “Return on Relationships: Factoring Empathy into the Stakeholder Equation.” To learn more about the event and register, go to
Stay connected with TCEL:
  • #TCEL14
  • Customer Experience Leaders

How are you developing more empathy in your professional and personal lives?


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