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12 Stars Media Connects People to Stories that Inspire

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Eric Andrews

Eric Andrews, Production Lead, 12 Stars Media, creates a video of The Praying Monk, an iconic feature on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.

What happens behind the scenes to inspire a successful internal branding learning adventure?

During last month’s ALI Strategic Internal Branding Conference, Rocky Walls and his 12 Stars Media team, captured video highlights of this highly engaging collaboration event.

Find out now what it’s like to attend an Advanced Learning Institute (ALI) event.

You can also view this video on YouTube at

In addition, Rocky shares his insights on how 12 Stars Media brings stories to life with the people who live it.

Peggy L. Bieniek, ABC: What aspect of ALI’s Strategic Internal Branding conference was the most rewarding for you and your team?
Rocky Walls: ALI conferences provide the best environment of any conference for connecting with fellow attendees. The casual atmosphere and single-track structure helps everyone get to know one another so much better.

PB: What was the creative process you followed to create this video?
RW: For this video, we set out to help viewers feel what it’s like to be at an ALI event. We wanted it to be fast-paced and energetic, but still have some sound bites from attendees. So, we recorded several quick comments, but never showed the people saying them – this helped keep the pace moving along and helped us say a lot more in a short video.

PB: How is your company culture reflected in the videos you create?
RW: We have one core belief – that people need connections, and the best connections come from communication that’s real and simple. So, in our work we strive to make sure our videos connect people – connect people to other people, connect people to information or answers to their questions, and connect people to stories that inspire them.

PB: What is the most important aspect of the client relationship during the production process?
RW: At 12 Stars Media, we call our clients “producers” because, just like in Hollywood, they are the ones who start with a vision and see it through to the end. We’re here to provide all the expertise to help them get there, but every video needs a producer to keep it on track and to make sure it connects people the way the producer envisions.

Thanks to Rocky Walls and his team for their insights and inspiration. 🙂

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